7 Wedding Flower Bouquet Styles

7 Wedding Flower Bouquet Styles


Who knew there was more than one wedding flower bouquet style? No matter what theme or style wedding you are going for, there will be a bouquet to complement your overall look.

7 Types of Wedding Bouquet Arrangements

1. Posy

One of the most classic bouquet styles is the posy, a small round bouquet loosely tied with a decorative ribbon. It can easily be held in one hand and has the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of flower types and shapes. Generally made up of just flowers rather than greenery, roses, peonies, and tulips are the best floral choices for a posy.

2. Round

A round bouquet is a larger version of a posy and is a great choice for more formal, traditional weddings. Whether you design it with a tight cluster for density or loosely for a more wistful feel, you can tailor it to your wedding and dress style. With fewer flower types, the harmony and balance of this bouquet exudes simplicity and elegance.

3. Biedermeier

Another round bouquet is the Biedermeier, but this arrangement is more artistic than the two above. The flowers are aligned in concentric circles ultimately creating a striped bouquet; you can do this with different flower species or different colours, it’s up to you. By ensuring the flowers are all cut equally, this bouquet can look neat with an eccentric edge.

4. Nosegay

By choosing one focal flower species or colour, combining it with greenery and tightly tying them with decorative ribbon, you have arranged a nosegay bouquet. The addition of greenery sets this bouquet apart from the other round alternatives but still feels classic and elegant. The nosegay bouquet is a popular choice for bridesmaids too.

5. Cascade

Cascading bouquets ooze sophisticated drama and have been described as a waterfall of flowers. Rounded at the top and falling into an upside-down teardrop shape, almost any flower and greenery can be used in this arrangement to create this tapering effect. Take advantage of the beautiful blooms at this time of year and cascade your bridal bouquet.

6. Pageant

Want to try something different for your bridal bouquet style? By choosing longer stem flowers and foliage and tying them together, you have an extravagant bridal bouquet. Then, instead of carrying them like a traditional bouquet, you cradle it in your arm like they would in a pageant. 

7. Hand-Tied 

For a more bohemian style, a hand-tied bouquet would be ideal. A wild assortment of florals and foliage, and simply tying it with some twine or fabric, will add a natural and rustic feel to your wedding. Why not take a look at our Hand-Tied Bouquets which consist of preserved flowers, so your bridal bouquet can last for months after the special day!

Whatever style you decide for your bridal bouquet, you should definitely consider preserved flowers and greenery for the arrangement, so your special memories are long-lasting. Browse our shop today.

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