4 Ways to Display Preserved Flowers in Your Home

You may always spruce up your home for when you are expecting guests, but it is still important to make sure that it looks nice for yourself.

Flowers are an easy way to add beauty to any room, but it is preserved flowers that are the most popular choice due to their low maintenance and longevity.

Where can I present my preserved flowers at home?

Thankfully, we have been able to come up with a guide for you. Flowers, by nature are versatile, so you can imagine there are plenty of options!

Flowers for your LIVING ROOM

Flowers for your LIVING ROOM

Choose from one of our Magic Flower Arrangements to display in your living room with the added reassurance that it will always stay looking beautiful. On a mantelpiece, as a coffee table centrepiece, or dotted around on various shelving units, wherever you choose to display your arrangement, it will be a stunning focal point for your space. We have a wide range of colours to choose from so you are bound to find one that matches your colour scheme or that makes a statement.

Flowers for your KITCHEN

Flowers for your KITCHEN

A single stem vase is an understated yet beautiful way to decorate your kitchen. Place one of our Magic Roses in a simple vessel and display it on your kitchen table to add a bit of romance, or dot them around on the countertops and shelves to bring a pop of colour into your cooking space. It may not seem much, but the impact can be significant and can bring a whole different feel to your kitchen.

Flowers for your BEDROOM

Flowers for your BEDROOM

Brighten up your bedroom with a stunning Magic Hand Tied Bouquet displayed in your favourite vase. If you have a bedside table, dressing table or any shelving, utilise the space and inject some luxury with a beautiful handmade arrangement. All of our hand tied bouquets include Magic Roses and are filled with Magic Foliage to add volume and to create a full spray. Brought together with scented candles and unique knick-knacks, you can make your bedroom a personal and lavish space to spend time in.

Flowers for your BATHROOM

Flowers for your BATHROOM

You may never have thought to put flowers in your bathroom before but they can inject some colour and energy into your morning routine.

Have some fun with your decoration and the containers you choose to display your flowers in; we have a wide range of Bud Vases for you to choose from and to complement your style. As long as they are not displayed directly near a water stream, they can emulate a relaxing spa feel and add some stunning accents to your bathroom.

Preserved flowers are the best choice for home décor as they are maintenance and hassle-free, as well as cost-effective. Have a browse through our collection today and inject some creativity into your home.

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