30 Reasons Why You Should Give Flowers

Giving flowers

Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts as they can send so many different messages to the recipient. No matter what purpose you are sending flowers, you are guaranteed to make the receiver feel very special! 

You don’t always need a reason, but here are some situations where giving flowers is more than appreciated.

Why Should You Give Flowers?

To Celebrate & Congratulate 

A gift for a celebration could be absolutely anything, but giving flowers are always great idea. These celebrations and congratulations could include:

  1. Wishing someone a “Happy Birthday”
  2. Welcoming a new baby into the world
  3. Celebrating seasonal festivities such as Easter and Christmas
  4. A way to say, “I love you” to your Mum or Dad on Mother’s or Father’s Day
  5. Congratulating the happy couple on their wedding day
  6. Celebrating new beginnings, like moving house or a new job, wishing them good luck
  7. A way to say, “Well done!” on exam results success
  8. Congratulating a colleague on a promotion
  9. Recognising hard work and appreciating a job well done
  10. Giving flowers as a prize in a competition
  11. Celebrating your friend for having a great day/week/month

To Sympathise & Reach Out

Essentially, giving flowers show the recipient that you care about them which is why they are a significant gift when it comes to solemn situations. Some of these unfortunate situations could include:

  1. A way to say, “Sorry for your loss”
  2. An apology if you have done something wrong
  3. An olive branch when you haven’t spoken to someone in a while
  4. If you are moving away and leaving your loved ones, to say “Goodbye”
  5. A leaving gift to one of your colleagues who is moving to another job

To Make a Romantic Gesture

It is universally known that a bunch of red roses are the most romantic gesture. Some reasons why you might want to celebrate romance or to show how much your other half means to you could include:

  1. Celebrating an anniversary, the first date or the day you made it official
  2. The most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day
  3. A proposal, a flower arrangement could hold an engagement ring
  4. Meeting your other half’s parents for the first time

To Show Gratitude & Positivity

To say “Thank You” or to undertake an act of kindness can mean so much more when paired with a bunch of flowers. The reasons behind these could be:

  1. Appreciating your child’s teacher and everything they’ve done for them
  2. Sending “Get Well Soon” wishes to a loved one
  3. Cheering up your friend because they’ve had a rubbish day/week/month
  4. Surprising your elderly neighbour and making them smile
  5. Inspiring creativity and productivity in a loved one’s workplace
  6. Just because, sometimes there is no reason, you just wanted to let them know that you were thinking of them

As a Gift for Yourself

Don’t forget that you can send yourself flowers too and the reasons for doing so are limitless! Some could include:

  1. Brightening up your home and adding to your décor
  2. Lifting your mood and making you smile
  3. Looking after yourself and your own wellbeing
  4. As a reminder that you care about your own happiness as well

Whatever reason you decide to send flowers to a loved one or to yourself, always make sure you choose Magic Flower Arrangements which will make your message last longer.

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