How to Make Your Own Flower Arrangement

Want to try something new, and bring your own personal touch to your home décor? Why not create your own floral arrangement! Here is a basic method for constructing your very own bouquet.

Start by choosing the flowers for your arrangement from each of these categories: structural, blooms and fillers. This will give your bouquet good balance, nice shape and a wide variety of size and texture.

Keep a colour scheme in mind while picking the structural elements of your bouquet. Maybe your favourite colour, or if you have a colour scheme running through your house, you may want to match that. It will probably be easier to choose just one colour for your first time but different shades of it, so you only have to balance different tones rather than multiple colours.

Prep your chosen flowers by getting rid of any dead, broken or brown petals and leaves that fall beneath the waterline. Cut one inch off the stem, at an angle, and place them straight into fresh water; this is the general guideline, but cutting them at different lengths will bring different heights to your arrangement. A vase is a classic container option, but you could always get creative and use tins, jars, bottles or any quirky vessels you may find. 

Think of a shape for your arrangement before you choose your flowers too, just so you know how big of a bloom to buy or how long you need the stems to be. If you want a small bouquet, choose smaller flowers and/or cut more off of the stems when prepping them. First, place the larger, structural flowers in your container to create a skeleton for your arrangement.

Next, add some volume with your blooms, considering height as well as width. After you have evenly arranged these, fill in the gaps with your filler plants to add the final touch. Always look at your bouquet from different angles, including above, by turning your vase regularly. This way, you can make any adjustments needed so, whatever angle you place it, it will look perfect.

Work slowly and don’t go too overboard with the number of flowers. Start off simple and persistently practice, experiment and have fun with it! For inspiration have a browse through our Instagram or for a more permanent option for your home decor, choose from our collection of Magic Flowers.

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