How Flowers Can Benefit Mental Health

How Flowers Can Benefit Mental Health

The power of mother nature is much more significant in our lives than we can probably ever imagine. Surrounding ourselves with flowers and greenery in our own homes can actually work wonders for our mental health and we want to take a closer look at how.

Benefits of Flowers in Home

Bright Space, Bright Mood

The act of giving or receiving flowers not only brightens up the space they are displayed in, but also uplifts people’s moods for an extended period of time. The vibrant colours will enlighten a room and the thought behind gifting flowers, the reminder that you are cared for and well-thought of, will improve a person’s wellbeing.

With such strong meaning behind giving or receiving flowers, it is most likely that the action will make both parties smile. Smiling is known to release positive endorphins throughout your entire body, making us feel happier, healthier and more relaxed.

Improve Your Memory & Concentration

Whether it’s in your home or in the workplace, plants will help you maintain focus and enhance performance. As flowers oxygenate the air, your brain cells are boosted and your mind is stimulated, therefore improving your memory and increasing your concentration.

This enhancement has a domino-like effect on your emotions, giving you more enthusiasm and eliminating stress from your mind. You will have better reaction times and lower levels of anxiety, encouraging you to perform to the best of your abilities with a newfound confidence.

Journey to the Land of Nod

Our mental wellbeing can be greatly affected by a bad night’s sleep, leading to uncontrollable emotions and difficulty making decisions. Fresh flowers have the ability to aid in relaxation, helping us get a decent quality night’s sleep. 

Floral scents, such as lavender, chamomile or jasmine, can help lower your anxiety and stress levels. By lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, you can ensure you will experience a peaceful sleep making you feel energised and refreshed the following morning.

Excellent Healing Powers

Did you know that if you send flowers as a get well soon gift, the patient is more likely to heal faster? It sounds like magic, but it has been said that being in the company of flowers and plants can help patients feel more relaxed which, in turn, boosts their wellbeing. 

Some floral fragrances evoke healing qualities in us, for example, Calendula flowers have antibacterial properties and the ability to stimulate blood circulation. By no means will flowers cure an illness completely, but they can reduce recovery time.

Long-Lasting Wellbeing Advantages 

Why not reap the bright and uplifting benefits of flowers for up to a year with our Magic Flowers? Take a look at our wide collection of arrangements and roses today!

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